SWTOR: Soloing CTS

So, I ran CTS with a douche the other day that didn’t believe it could be solo’d. And the fellow was a decently geared tank giving him a bit more survivability than I have.

I know there’s some far better at this than I which shows that pretty much anyone with decent gear should be able to do this. It might be easier using a healer, but I like Kira and have her decently geared too and only use her, so maybe that’s my problem.

I usually have the most difficulty with the first group and then from there it’s usually not bad. Stay out of their AOEs and interrupt the Heat Beam when you can and you should be fine.

Achievement: Brain Dead, Dread Head, Ungrateful Dread

I found one mob of Crazed Jedi/Sith outside the western entrance to the heroic area. I thought by chance there would be more but my searches online yielded no results.

Because of that, I’ve decided to post up my own map of the crazed jedi/siths. Feel free to let me know of others that you have come across and I’ll add them.

The most southern mob is right above cave. Go to the left of the cave entrance and you can go up to the mob. If you haven’t already, Bestia’s Lore object is also up here. Dulfy already has a page on that though.

The mob close to the Dread Executioners Camp seemed to have spawned in two different locations. If they are not at the location marked, try just Southwest of that location past the escape pop and dread mob.

Dread Head Achievement Map

Dread Head Achievement Map